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3D CAD Designer

Midwest, US

May 24, 1988

I host live free webinars on various topics but none are scheduled for right now.
Please check back again soon or check out recordings on my archives page!


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Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by to check out my profile. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime. Until then take care! ;-)

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Remember: Be patient with those that are lax, but be positive always. Keep your own counsel often, and counsel often with others. Be sure each gives of themselves in the lessons from week to week, for in this is the hope of the lessons becoming the light to many in many a place, many a land.

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Latest episode of Daily Digital Show is now available.
Topics include:

Northern Lights

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Junior Ivenso

Daily Meditation sessions
Live in Virtual Reality.
Morning 5am EST
Night 10pm EST

Northern Lights

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Junior Ivenso

Looking to learn more about becoming a digital designer. We have courses available for you in individual and group settings. Check out the Black Wand Academy for more information.

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Junior Ivenso

Watch me as I make something cool live on Twitch for Make-it Mondays!

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